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The Medical Impairment Rating (MIR) Registry is a Department of Labor and Workforce Development-maintained listing of qualified and Departmentally-approved physicians who are specially trained to conduct impairment rating medical evaluations and who have applied to serve on the Registry. Physicians on the Registry will perform MIR evaluations of the injured worker to resolve disputes concerning existing impairment ratings only. A dispute is recognized whenever at least two different physicians have issued differing permanent medical impairment ratings and the parties disagree as to those ratings; or whenever a physician has issued an opinion that no permanent medical impairment exists, yet the physician has issued permanent physical restrictions to the injured employee. Registry physicians agree to provide evaluations in a manner consistent with the standard of care in their community and in compliance with the MIR Program Rules and will issue an opinion presumed to be legally “accurate” and based upon the applicable edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment or other appropriate method. The program is available only for dates of injuries on/after July 1, 2005. Any party to a disputed claim can request a MIR evaluation if these conditions have been met. To request a MIR evaluation online, please use the link below.

Burns Phillips - Commissioner

Jay Blaisdell - MIR Program Coordinator

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